Nordskoven på MTB

The MTB route is one of the country's most difficult and technically demanding routes. There is a total of 23 km of routes.

Mountainbike in the forest - where and how

In the forests, you may bike on all existing paths and forest roads. This also means that you are not allowed to bike on the forest floor anywhere. Biking on the forest floor can destroy the forest, monuments of the past and be a danger to other forest visitors. The rules for biking in the forests are determined in the Nature Protection Act.

According to the Road Traffic Act, the speed must be adjusted according to the conditions with particular regard to the safety of others. There are special requirements in the forest, where visibility is often poor and the ground is loose and slippery.

The general obligation to give way to the right also applies when driving in the forest. Walking is allowed everywhere, so you can suddenly meet someone where you least expect it.

Guidelines for MTB driving in the Silkeborg forests:

  • Only ride on forest roads, existing paths and the MTB routes.
  • Show consideration for other forest visitors; Pass slowly, keep your distance and be sure they have spotted you.
  • Do not drive on the walking routes, they are reserved for pedestrians.
  • Avoid the most popular areas, e.g. the paths around Almind Lake, Slåen Lake, Lovisehøj etc.
  • Drive varied, don't use the same paths and roads every time.
  • Do not drive on or next to stairs, either up or down.
  • Drive carefully, take care of yourself and remember a helmet.


The MTB route – Note that the route is one-way!!

The majority of the route is laid out in the forest floor as a unidirectional singletrack. The trail is marked with red poles with MTB pictograms. When the track is split into different levels of difficulty, the color of the arrows indicates the level of difficulty of the route. A relatively easy blue route leads the MTB rider around the forest. From the blue route it is possible to test your skills on red and black routes that all lead back to the connected blue route.

Difficulty levels:
Blue route: A relatively easy route, however, with several more demanding passages. The blue route is continuous. In the area by Rævebakken, it is possible to choose different blue routes. The blue routes all meet at the top of Rævebakken.

Red route: These are more difficult sections with passages that require more of the MTB rider and are aimed at the experienced rider.

Black route: The black routes are demanding both in relation to the rider and the equipment. Here there will often be switchbacks or steep passages that experienced riders can use, e.g. in training situations.

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