MTB tour

De dygtige MTB gutter fra MTBGuide har det fedeste tilbud til jer.


The Silk Route is Silkeborg's new experience route that takes you through beautiful nature and historical attractions.


Denmark's longest stream, Gudenåen, is divinely beautiful and a natural gem that everyone should experience at least once in their life.


The lake has very clear water because it has no actual inlet, but gets its water from springs along the steep banks.

Nordskoven på MTB

The MTB route is one of the country's most difficult and technically demanding routes. There is a total of 23 km of routes.


Nordskoven lies as a broad promontory in a bend in the Gudenå River, where the landscape is characterized by beech forest


Only a few minutes away from a fantastic morning dip!


Denmark's cleanest bathing lake surrounded by fantastic nature!


A good walk through the area gives a completely different experience of the variety in the landscape than any words